Czech on the grill


Are you one of the lovers of good food and want to go a little further in the preparation of grilled delicacies? Fire it up in the kitchen or in the garden with ETA products.


The key is not to be afraid to experiment. Engage your imagination and try unusual combinations and procedures! Then you might be surprised what treats - both salty and sweet -

can be prepared in the ETA Sorento sandwich maker or in the ETA GrilChef grill. Whichever recipe you choose, the ETA Pečenka or the hot air fryer ETA Fritta will also help you with a perfect treat.

And how about making your work easier when preparing homemade burgers? The ETA Besto meat grinder will help you with this! Our vacuum cleaners ensure the freshness of food. And when you need help, don't be afraid to reach for a food processor and its accessories.


Equip yourself with your favorite grills and become real grill masters with us! Visit ETA branded stores or go to www.eta.cz.