Mondex Sibiu is one of the leading manufacturers of socks and fine stockings in Romania.
Mondex produces socks and stockings of 100% cotton or blended with nylon, socks and tights with elastane and other types of fibers whose finesse matches with the knitting machines (Acrylic yarn, modal, wool, termolite, microfiber, etc.).

For women, Mondex produces fine, elegant panty hose, with special effects (shine, elasticity, elegant colors). For all occasions, Mondex products are one of women's top demands in terms of quality, durability, design and latest trends in fashion.

For men, Mondex produces socks for sporty outfits, but also socks and cotton socks for business men who must dress according to their position in the company and society.

For children up to adolescence, Mondex produces colorful socks and stockings, with drawings or cartoons heroes, various prints, logos or texts.

And for adolescents, Mondex produces cotton socks, patterned panty hose, durable and elegant, made of special fibers: elastane, Tactel, lurex, microfiber.

Along with the full range of products – socks and stockings – presented under the Mondex brand, we now provide a new range of lingerie products: slips, boxers, vests, shirts, fleece type jackets for children, women and men, presented under the brand Tuareg. All these products can be found in Mondex stores all over the country.

Starting with January 1st, 2009 the Mondex stores expect you with a new surprise: the Fidelity Mondex card. Owners of Mondex loyalty card have 8% discount for all categories of products in Mondex stores.

Why 8%? Because MONDEX thought to offer loyal customers 1% discount for each 10 years of experience and yes, we have over 80 years of experience in producing and selling cotton socks and fine hosiery for women, and, since 2003, the Tuareg underwear for the whole family.
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