Created in the early 1960’s, the Italian brand NAVIGARE is now present in over 25 countries all over the world, such as Canada, Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.

Dedicated exclusively to men, NAVIGARE resulted from a thorough market research, creativity, practical spirit and Italian tradition, thus creating a unique lifestyle, the NAVIGARE style, which stood over time, imposing through great quality. NAVIGARE is both for men who prefer business style and those who dress more casually.

This year, NAVIGARE launches a new concept “Casual – New and Research”, defined by a modern style, a formal aspect but also fresh and colorful.

The collection contains a large variety of trendy-casual products, very comfortable, like: trousers, sweaters, shirts, jackets, caps and scarves, all made of great quality materials and following the latest trends. One of the materials used is cashmere, this year NAVIGARE focusing on 100% cashmere products.

NAVIGARE… a way of life, a way of creating a style, a way of creating a look, a way of defining quality.
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