Only in March: Permanent hair removal CALVES = 170 lei from 200 lei.

  Campaign details:

- The promotion is valid between 1-31 March 2020 and is unisex.

- The final hair removal offer includes 1 sitting IPL or Laser Dioda for legs only.

- The areas included in the promotion cannot be changed.

- The offer implies a 15% discount and costs 170 lei, reduced price from 200 lei.

- Up to 4 offers can be bought in total, for you or your loved ones, the validity being of one month per paid offer. Thus, a purchased offer will have to be made within a maximum of 1 month from the date of purchase, 2 offers in 2 months, etc. (for those performed with Laser, the validity of the sessions increases by 2 weeks per session).

- This promotion is not cumulated with other subscriptions and discounts.
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