Yummy Yang

 Tasty, delicious, simply the best Chinese food from the city! Having the best chef is not everything. At Yummy Yang we always believed in using the best meat, vegetables, spices of the best quality. And of course that we use oil 100% vegetable. All these make a difference. Try it too!

The Yummy Yang chain of restaurants and fast foods is now present in Polus Center too. The first restaurant was opened 20 years ago in Belgium and it works also today. With a twenty years of experience in the Chinese art kitchen, the food is healthy and tasty, it is cooked in a Wok, a round Chinese bowl , and it has the advantage that it is cooked quickly in a little oil, and the vegetables maintain their freshness and their vitamins.

Our team of talented chefs gathered from all around China has invented and refreshed the Chinese recipes so that you can enjoy them.

Stop in your neighborhood at the closest Yummy Yang restaurant to try out their most tasty, hot, fresh creations.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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