TIMEOUT was established in 1992, in California, by a group of young designers who wanted to promote the Californian lifestyle and its unique spirit and starting from 1995 they crossed the ocean and reached more European countries, among which also Romania.

After two years of absence due to the financial crisis the brand returns on the local market incorporated in the Kenvelo group, which also includes in the portfolio the homonym brands Lee Cooper and Tom Tailor. This month, on the 26th of April in Carrefour Orhideea was opened the first TIMEOUT store under the Group’s management.

TIMEOUT progressed as a reaction to the impersonal style imposed by the large fashion corporations, which follow the profit rather than the creativity and freedom of expression. That is why in the creation of each clothing item, our designers focus on quality and originality rather than on volatile trends, so TIMEOUT becomes the favourite option in the wardrobe for a longer period of time.

The fabrics used are natural, from flax, cotton and wool, the synthetic fabrics are used only as a last option and most of prints and labels and other details are made in old style, handmade adding a touch of originality and personality to the collections.

Synonym of comfortable, original and lasting clothing items, TIMEOUT is the place where you can always find that T-shirt you prefer all the time to the large number of other T-shirts, blue jeans that never reach the closet, but they get straight on you from the laundry wire and the jacket you take from the chair’s back every time you leave the house.

The slogan “Feel Alive” places TIMEOUT as an optimist brand completely dedicated to innovation and exploration of new styles.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00
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