NALA is the cosmetics retailer with over 90% natural ingredients. NALA's mission is to help you take care of your body's health and we want you to feel safe when doing your daily beauty routine, whether it's body cleansing, relaxing, hair or skin care. NALA product formulas contain more than 90% natural ingredients and do not contain parabens. While using cosmetics, chemical ingredients are absorbed into our body. NALA product formulas were developed by NALA COSMETICS Netherlands to protect you from unwanted chemical ingredients and to ensure a healthy skin and body.

NALA brand values
Products with over 90% natural, vegetarian ingredients - we value healthy lifestyle and believe that natural vegetarian ingredients are compatible with the ethical principles of our brand and help us to have healthy skin in the long term. Scientific studies such as the China Study have shown the negative effects of animal products on our body. A lot of the ingredients of the cosmetic products are absorbed in our body during use and that is why NALA products do not contain ingredients of animal origin, they are 100% vegetarian, they contain over 90% natural ingredients, contributing to your health and to the beauty of your body. .

Non-animal products - we are strongly against testing animal cosmetics and support this global initiative to standardize the ban on animal testing of cosmetics worldwide, not just in the European Union.

NALA's vision
We want to offer a complete personal care solutions to our customers. who want to protect their body health by avoiding the assimilation of unwanted chemicals commonly found in most cosmetic products in the cosmetic industry.
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