The European creativity, the quality and seduction are elements that define the products manufactured by Jolidon. They are made in Europe, incorporating the European tradition in manufacture, the attention to details, the high quality fabrics and accessories supplied by manufacturers from countries like France, Italy or Austria (Dentelle de Calais, Swarovski Elements, Superfine, Sensitive, etc).

The lingerie represents both fashion and functionality. Taking into consideration this concept, we create and make articles that mix functionality with the design and seduction. Thus, Jolidon products address to some multiple consumer segments.

The modern princess, the daring lover, the elegant diva, women who love comfort, each of them can find at Jolidon high quality lingerie to turn to advantage and point out their personalities.

From the most demanding tastes and up to those least pretentious Jolidon products are shaped on every woman’s wishes.
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