Maxi Pet – Pets’ favorite hypermarket

🐾 A team of pet lovers engaged in presenting and recommending a diverse range of products, food, toys and accessories, cosmetics & hygiene products for your pet, at advantageous prices.

🐾 Veterinary pharmaceutical point that serves yout pet’s special dietary or medical needs. The place where you will receive the best advice and indications related to its nutrition, hygiene and health.

🐾 A mobile app dedicated to pets, but with which you save and a loyalty program built so you can enjoy irrizistable Maxi Offers and periodical bonuses.

🐾 Click & Collect service to make your shopping experience easier.
This is the Maxi Pet experience, one which understands, resonates and seeks to nurture your relationship with your pet.

P.S.: Pets are especially welcome in Maxi Pet Cluj-Napoca! 😊

P.P.S: Whether we're getting involved in adoption campaigns, donating food and accessories, or educating our visitors on pet care, we're totally dedicated to the community we belong, and implicitly to YOU.