Croitoria Stil

Croitoria Stil, fast tailoring, tweaks and adjustments of the best quality at excellent prices

Croitoria Stil is awaiting you in its new location (opposite Carrefour, near Wash Mark dry cleaning) where it comes to the help of its rushed customers who need finishing touches for their high-quality clothing items in a very short time*, for example:
• Shortening, nipping, loosening trousers, blue jeans, evening gowns, skirts, jackets
• Alterations
• Zip changing
• Curtains and drapes hemming
• Ironing
• Other repairs and adjustments
*Execution time: 2 hours for trousers shortening and smaller alterations.

Just leave your clothes in our workshop and the qualified staff will alter them for you while you relax on a cup of coffee or do your shopping.


Stil has launched a new exclusive clothing line:
Every one of us has a different personality and this is why we should wear ORIGINAL clothing.
Our designs, Queensy, were created for You to make you feel different!
An old saying goes ""It’s not the coat that makes the man…"" but nowadays it’s your clothing style that gives the first impression.
Queensy means extravagant!
Queensy means unique.


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