VIVO! sends you to Untold!

Fun, nights when you dance to the songs of your favorite artist, extraordinary experiences and many special moments, spent with your best friends - this is what 4 days of Untold looks like. We missed summer and fun, and because we know that every moment is better when you spend it with your best friend, we're sending you to the festival. 🌅

From June 26th to July 4th you have a chance to win a double invitation to Untold.

Sign up here and let the fun begin.

The regulation is available here.

Let's enjoy the most beautiful summer together!

Thank you all for signing up.

Following the draw, invitations to the festival were won by the following people:


To pick up the invitation, the winners are expected at the information desk, located in the VIVO! Cluj-Napoca shopping center from Cluj county, Florești township, Avram Iancu street no. 492-500, until July 15, 2023, between 11:00 and 21:00.