Cetatea Piticilor

Cetatea Piticilor, a playground for children, sand paintings on self-adhesive tape

Coloured sand painting at “RED CASTLE”

Underlying an innovative concept for spending free time, within the “Red Castle” event, the sand painting help the little artists develop their creativity, imagination and handicraft.

Children have available over 100 special self-adhesive boards with the most loved Disney characters. The self-adhesive foil allows gradual finishing of the work, the coloured sand being glued only on the adhesive spaces especially clipped.

The coloured sand paintings can be made at the “Red Castle” stand, where children are closely supervised and assisted by the staff especially qualified for this type of activity.

While the little ones are painting, for 30-45 min. parents can peacefully enjoy other activities.

For children familiar with painting techniques and for those who want to complete their collection of favourite characters at the stand there are boards packed with coloured sand that can also be made at home.

Thus, the children have a new reason for enjoying themselves when they come to the “Red Castle”, providing them with a playing spot where they are stimulated by a different type of recreational- educational activity.


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