Starý otec

Starý Otec offers its customers selected specialties of purely Slovak origin. You can buy great smoked thighs, smoked meat, delicious sausages, headcheese, liver and black pudding. We certainly won’t disappoint cheese lovers either with fresh or smoked cheeses and cow and sheep's milk specialties - 100% unpasteurised sheep's bryndza or cottage cheese are among the classics of Slovak gastronomy.

You will also find non-traditional products such as sheep yogurt there. The offer is complemented by honey, jams, 100% fruit juices, home-made pasta and many other excellent foods.

Starý Otec’s philosophy is based on two basic pillars: maintaining traditional recipes and practices as faithfully as possible, resulting in product quality - all products are made from high-quality ingredients (e.g. smoked thighs contain only thighs and salt) without unnecessary chemicals. The second pillar is pride in this country - the products you find at Starý Otec are from Slovak ingredients and from Slovak producers.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 09:00 - 21:00
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