SLOVENKA® – a brand with tradition
Knitted clothing and lingerie with the brand SLOVENKA has been known by customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic since the beginning of the last century. Customers have always associated it with words such as comfort, proven designs, and especially quality. The SLOVENKA brand is not just a nostalgic past, but also a dynamic present and a forward-looking future. We strive to be as close as possible to our customers and therefore we are constantly expanding our own sales network throughout Slovakia.
Pajamas and night shirts, underwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and sweat suits are made mainly from 100% cotton knitwear, but we regularly include collections of more luxurious materials such as viscose and modal. For greater wearing comfort, we use elastane knitwear and we use 100% polypropylene knits and cotton blends for thermal clothing and thermal underwear.
SLOVENKA® – a tradition of quality
The guarantee of the quality of the production is not only long-term experience and tradition, but also the ISO 9001 certificate. Loyal customers know that they are buying high quality products that meet the environmental standards of knitwear, and they know they are not buying the products for just one season.
The SLOVENKA® brand has been a tradition since 1921 and its holder at present is the company SLOVENKA-Silver, s.r.o. Banská Bystrica.
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