The Dráčik retail network is the largest toy seller in Slovakia. Today (early 2013), we have more than 140 Dráčik stores, of which 77 are in Slovakia and more than 64 stores are in Czech Republic.

Dráčik offers mostly branded toys from world manufacturers, which guarantee high quality and functionality and thus customer satisfaction.

Our aim is to constantly offer customers new types of toys and global innovations at the best prices. Thanks to our own imports of goods from abroad we are able to do this on a high level, and our product range is unrivaled in this area.

The company has been operating on the Slovak toy market since 1991, when the company's Dráčik logo was also created. Logo - The Dráčik (small dragon) figure is well known not only among children but also among adults thanks to regular marketing activities. It is synonymous with fun, games and childish joy.
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