Bohemia Crystal

BOHEMIA CRYSTAL products come from Czech glassworks that have a more than 50 years of tradition. Glass production in the area of the glassworks has been known since the 16th century. A revolutionary change occurred in 1975 when automatic production using machine blown stemware was introduced. In order to keep pace with world production, the company has installed presses on two melting aggregates with unique product parameters up to 43cm and 6kg. In 2009, the company was taken over by a new owner and currently has 5 melting aggregates with a daily capacity of 96 tons of product-enamel, accounting for 17 million items of machine blown stemware per year and 5.5 million gift items in a top-quality design from new ecological and premium quality enamel. Exports of products to 52 countries. Significant customers include traders from the Russia and Arab world. The glassworks have approximately 700 employees in two factories

The finest glass products were historically made from lead crystal. The main advantage of this material was the better breaking of light through the passage of material. Lead crystal has better properties during the actual processing of the material, due to lower melting and viscosity temperatures. The disadvantage of this material is precisely the mentioned lead, which is currently being replaced by other metal oxides. In BOHEMIA CRYSTAL products, modern, ecologically clean CRYSTALLIT enamel is in a specially developed consistency, whose parameters equal 24% of lead crystal and in many ways overcomes it.

Collections and sets
You will find product collections and finished sets in the categories, with the most successful being the KLARA, BARBARA, KLEOPATRA, LAURA, GASTRO and KLAUDIE collections. From gift sets, there is an extraordinary demand for QUADRO, SAFARI, MAGMA, FALCO and JESSIE. The most demanded from the finished sets are the QUADRO WHISKY SET, AREZZO WHISKY SET and the NEPTUNE WHISKEY SET.

The glassworks in Slovakia are represented by BOHEMIA CRYSTAL, which has its store in the POLUS CITY CENTER shopping center, Vajnorská 100, Bratislava
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