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VIVO! Market is a unique food concept, which offers visitors of the shopping center an area where they can buy fresh groceries and taste exquisite dishes such as sushi and burgers.

Try craft beers or find the most exotics teas from the world.


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    • Mon:10:00- 20:00
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In VIVO! Market you can find a delicious sushi - EAT HAPPY from Austria.  You can looking forward to makis, nigiri, various boxes or tasty California rolls. In case you like Mochi, you will be in the seven heaven!

Visit us to taste a great sushi!




Tel.: +43 1 226 00 55



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Bioorganic product range consists of healthy, organic and fair trade food, nutritional supplements, an eco drugstore, professional literature, gluten-free, lactose-free and DIA food. Our principles are to shop responsibly with regard to our health, to be fair to cultivators and producers and to be considerate to the planet and to future generations.






Starý mäsiar

In the butchery Starý mäsiar, we are make meat according to the traditions of our grandfathers, honestly and with the respect.

We think the quality and origin of the meat is very important. So we have a fresh slovak meat every day in our shops.

Visit web page Starý mäsiar

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Beer Station

The largest Slovak network of beer shops from small breweries and a window onto the world of craft beers.
We choose the best craft beer from Slovak and Czech breweries.
We use special back-pressure bottle technology to ensure that the beer retains its quality and characteristics.
We call our beer "Žive" (live) because it is free from added artificial substances and contains all the vitamins and nutrients that must be present in the beer.


More information at
+421 948 006 774

Visit web page Beer Station

Tea Shop

Tea Shop VIVO – the largest selection of tea and tea accessories in Bratislava.

The Tea Shop in  is one of the oldest specialised loose-leaf tea shops in Bratislava. In a calm and peaceful atmosphere, we also offer you an unrivaled selection of the best tea specialities including Pu Erh, Rooibos, Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong, Yerba Maté, Ayurveda blends, herbs from our region, from gunpowder to Gyokuro ... with us, there’s always something to suit your choice.

Trained staff will help you find the one just right for you from nearly 500 types of teas and herbal mixtures. Or are you looking for a tea pot, cup, tea tin, mug or tea set? Make use of this unique opportunity to expand your tea horizons to include the very best that the global tea market has to offer. If you have questions for us, if you are looking for a specific tea or want to share your opinion with us, please write to 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to your visits.
02/44 44 25 84

Visit web page Tea shop

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Funky Poké is inspired by the 80s eram which was cheerful, craz and full of color just like poké. Our Funky Poké is fun, tasty and full of colors.

Poké is a traditional Hawaiian dish that consists of cire and side dishes. It can be meaty, vut also vegetarian or fishy. You can also create your poké exactly according to your ideas. 

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