7 camicie

The Italian brand 7Camicie offers men's and women's shirts 
made of the highest quality materials.

It also offers accessories such as cufflinks, belts and ties.

7Camicie shirts are characterized by a characteristic trendy design
and detailed reworking of cuffs and buttons.
The brand offers a wide range of patterns, colors and cuts.
Shirts differ from the classic ones mainly by the design of the collar
and cuffs. Several types of collars allow for several wearing variations.
Managers, people who prefer simple elegance or adventurers 
with a bold style will get their money's worth.
The offer includes a classic shirt and the popular narrow slim fit.
Popular materials include cotton.

At 7Camicie, men can choose different types of collars such as Italian,
French or tuxedo, while casual shirts are characterized by a so-called "button down" collar,
which is attached with buttons.
Ladies will enjoy the offer mainly thanks to the cuts 
and many colored or patterned designs. We offer men's t-shirts, UNI tracksuits, women's shirt dresses,
men's jeans, men's sports-elegant pants, swimwear, etc. The brand was established in Italy in 2001 with the aim of offering
a demanding shirt to a demanding customer. Currently,
7Camicie ("7 shirt") has more than 300 stores worldwide.