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Wednesday 01 March 2017

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Thursday 07 November 2019 - Sunday 10 November 2019

We invite you to the grand opening VIVO! Bratislava

Come together with IMT Smile, Mir Jaroš or Marián Čekovský and his band to say goodbye to Polus and start a new era of shopping in VIVO! Bratislava. Already on November 7, you will have a great program for both young and old, accompanied by Michal Hudák. In addition to great music performances, you can also look forward to competitions for attractive prizes. We are…

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Tuesday 10 September 2019 - Monday 23 September 2019

Something new begins!

As the saying goes, sometimes the old must end so that something much better can begin. In the light of this statement, we are also embarking on previously unknown paths, about which we will soon reveal more. But now you can look forward to new Lidl grocery, more comfortable shopping and a whole host of new opportunities and entertainment for the whole family. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Wednesday 02 January 2019 - Thursday 31 January 2019

January sales in Polus!

Take the discounts at Polus. Everything you lack at home now you buy at unbeatable prices. Start a stylish year with new fashionable pieces or enjoy the little things in the house.

Just hurry up, do not let your sales fly away from you :)

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Let your wardrobe blossom in Polus

The first sun rays, the smell of flowering flowers and the breath of fresh trends. Spring has finally arrived in Polus and we invite you to buy stylish pieces. Take a break from winter sleep and let your wardrobe bloom this season. In stores such as H&M, Lindex, Orsay and many others you will find lots of inspiration, playful airy materials, rich colors and popular floral designs. Come…

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The long winter has ended. We are finally able to go out into the spring without fear and full of joy.
However, this also means that we are slowly approaching the time when we should think about how to spend the valuable holiday days in summer. You can find inspiration in the travelling tips from the successful young singer and mother of two children who didn’t give up travelling despite her motherly duties. Go ahead – Maria Čírová, who loves traveling with our travel agency FiroTour.
If you have not yet been able to replenish your wardrobe with the arrival of the new season, visit our exclusive boutiques. Yaya, Magenta or Jasmine will surely offer you a lot of spring inspiration. Men can prepare for spring at Alain Delon. You can also read how we are trying to make shopping more enjoyable and interesting for our customers. We offer them a professional beauty team consisting of a make-up artist, fashion stylist and professional photographer several times a year. You can read about how it all goes down on page 10 .
The arrival of Easter means that the warmer half of the year has finally come. A good and hearty meal is an inseparable part of this holiday. Whether you go to Flamender restaurant for a weekend family lunch, or you go for lunch to Nordsee on weekdays, you will definitely leave happy and full. You will definitely find tasty home-made food, both traditional and less traditional, in our establishments Biopark, Starý Otec and many more. You can also equip your kitchen with us so that cooking in it is a joy - with frying pans or other kitchen utensils from Tescoma.
And if you are not such a skilled cook, come learn at our cooking school. You can meet the charismatic chefs Gabo Kocák or Martin Korbelič there, highly qualified maestros known from your TV screen. Or other, lesser-known, but equally skilled instructors. You can find other reasons why to visit our cooking school on page 16.
The fact that we know how to appropriately have a good time and come up with new and original things at Polus, at least in our part of the world, can be attested to by our Valentine’s Day event. You can read why we are still talking about it today on page 18.
However, we are not finished with fun and great offers. You will find out what awaits you at Polus in May, when you read through our entire magazine to its conclusion.

Pleasant reading!


The multi-colored and inviting autumn has passed by. With the arrival of November, the weather is usually unpleasant and bleak and prevents us from spending time in nature or going for walks. The days are suddenly shorter, and we are more often forced to look for other options to use the time previously spent outdoors. One of the best ideas is to "wrap oneself up" in a blanket, make a nice hot tea (for example, one of those offered at Biopark) and immerse yourself in a book. At Panta Rhei in Polus, in a place where time has stopped or at least beautifully slowed down, you can choose from all the latest publications that appear on the book market over a nice cup of coffee. And then meet the new characters. If you are one of those who loves sports year-round and are a tennis fan, don’t miss our new Sergio Tacchini store.
You will read everything that is important and interesting about it on pages 10 - 11. As well as what role Martin Klijan plays in relation to it (apart from tennis). If you like spending time having a good meal with friends, you will find the new Flamender restaurant with an experiential kitchen on the first floor. You will find out what is hidden behind this connection in an interview with Chef Peter Oravec. Good food, pleasant surroundings and good service are also available on the ground floor at PRIMI Restaurant. Whether you go here or there, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Do you know a school that its pupils like going to? We have one, it's called Radosť variť – Škola varenia. Read about how our school operates and what we have prepared for you. We’re sure you’ll be inspired to attend more than one of our courses. Or buy one as a gift for one of your loved ones - that’s possible too. However, don’t skip the articles about an increasingly popular diet - Raw veganism. We spoke about it with Andrej Mátko, one of our instructors. You’ll find much more about this in the magazine. For example, cosmetic tricks from Yves Rocher or Marionnaud. If you're looking for gifts, we have some useful tips for men - from the stores Otto Berg or Tailor Made. You will also find a lot of fashion advice for ladies and other useful ideas. For example, for teenagers. And once you have read our SPOLU magazine and learned about everything we have prepared for you and what you can find here, come and visit us at Polus. Not only for shopping but also for entertainment.

2016 - SPRING

Are you looking forward to longer days, sitting on the patio ideally with a refreshing beverage? Good news. We are at that time of year when we can truly enjoy it. You are holding our new issue of SPOLU magazine, so have a seat, relax and enjoy some nice reading. We bring you interesting but especially light articles full of inspiration. Once in a while we need a change. Wes are always striving to improve something and our SPOLU magazine is no different. In spring it will come out in a new form with more modern graphics. And what will you read about in this issue? In the introduction, there is an interview with Richard Vrablec, moderator and entertainer, with whom Polus links a lot of hosted events, as well as personal experiences. In those places where the Polus shopping center now stands, he once learned to ride a bike, then drive and he has been visiting Kuchajda since his childhood. Richard is also the face of the increasingly popular Preteky lezúňov event, whose seventh edition kicks off on 30 April 2016 at the Main Rotunda at Polus. If you also have a little racer that meets the conditions at home, be sure to register them. Based on our successful Radosť variť – Škola varenia project, we are again focusing on food, recipes, topics on healthy nutrition and general gastronomy over a few pages. The trends in this area are unequivocally focused on a healthy lifestyle, which the topic of germination undoubtedly fits to a T. More will be revealed about it in the article by an instructor from our Škola varenia - Katarína Kopúnová. You will also learn, for example, that the human body can absorb many more enzymes by eating sprouts than by consuming ripe vegetables. Sprouts also contain much more protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals than mature crops. You can grow them very quickly and easily by yourself at home. If your self-discipline is not at 100% and you can’t imagine your day without sweets, we recommend trying out an unconventional recipe from the famous Slovak chef Martin Korbelič. Dessert is an atypical combination of fruit, chocolate, kefir and chili and he prepared it directly in our kitchen at Polus. In the field of fashion, this time we are paying more attention to men. New spring collections, advice and tips and how to be fashionable in the Alain Delon, Daniel Hechter, and Tailor Made brands can be found in the My Style section. In the "My World" section, coffee lovers will find what they’re looking for with recommendations from the Cafepoint store.


Shopping ahead of time and having your gifts all taken care of without difficulty for all loved ones even a month before Christmas, can only be managed by very few. Hats off to those who can achieve this, but the packed stores a few days before the most beautiful holidays of the year speak for themselves.

If you've received a new issue of our Spolu magazine, try browsing through it and you’ll immediately have a lot of inspiration in the palms of your hands to help you avoid the last-minute shopping stress. We have prepared a lot of themes for you and some are specially dedicated to gift ideas. The best thing is that you can find everything under one roof, at Polus.

In addition, I have one guaranteed tip for you to get a little financial help for gifts. ☺ Polus is giving away 20-euro vouchers, find out more in the pages ahead.

What exactly can you look forward to in this issue?
Ladies are guaranteed to always be pleased by cosmetics. Marionnaud will share the latest trends in the world of fragrances with you, while dm drogerie markt adds know-how in hair care. We didn’t forget those who get the most pleasure from gifts. The whole centerfold is devoted to children's gifts. Let’s not deceive ourselves. Any advice for not-so-tech-savvy parents is useful in the era of computers and the Internet. And if computer games are not exactly what you are looking for your kids, they can also be delighted by the classic Albi board game.

We are surrounded by advice on what is and isn’t healthy. Processing all this and taking away from it what is suitable and beneficial for us isn’t easy. If you are still hesitating and putting off healthier eating until tomorrow, perhaps an article about superfoods will tip the scales and convince you to head off and do some shopping today. You will learn more about chia and goji, but also that superfoods are not just foods with exotic names. Our Slovak crops also belong on the list. Did you know, for example, that the poppy has more calcium than milk? Recipes based on superfoods can be found here in the article and the ingredients can be found at Biopark, at Polus.

In conclusion, I still have to wish Polus all the best for its birthday. Moreover, we have dedicated a few pages to the 15th anniversary, to our projects and events that you have experienced at Polus. So come and reminisce with us....


Longer days, the delicate rays of sunshine that pull us out of bed in the morning and light clothing - that's a clear sign that spring is finally here! And a new issue of our SPOLU magazine, which I invite you to read, is already traditionally a part of that.

Have you been hiding underneath layers of thick clothing all winter, and you discover with the arrival of spring that summer in a swimsuit is not going to be all that? If these lines ring true for you, don’t despair. You still have plenty of time to get in shape. The trainers at FitInn will show you how. You will learn about the frequent errors in weight training and about how to jump into the training process right before summer in our article .

However, it’s not enough to just train. It’s also important to change your diet, but many of us often avoid that. Then accept our invitation to Škola varenia – Radosť variť, where we will teach you many useful things about food and its preparation. You will find that healthy cooking is not at all challenging and can be fun with a great group. Have you tried a little miracle quinoa or coconut oil that has many uses in the kitchen? Or food that you don’t need to cook, but are just as tasty as ordinary food? Our courses take place almost every day, come and learn something new!
But if you're more adept in the kitchen, you'll surely appreciate the interesting information about the olive oil you use everyday. It is very healthy, but do you know how to choose from the wide assortment in shops? Get advice directly from a Greek - in an article about our store Greek Farm.

With the right motivation during training and achieving your dreamed-of curves, spring and summer pieces from the latest fashion collections in our stores could be beautiful on you as well. A fashion blogger has shared the trends and fashions of the current season that bring style and cheerfulness to your wardrobe with us. Just choose the right color, cut or material and experience the joy of a nice outfit right away.

And ladies, if you just want to make yourself happy, come to enjoy a great day in our Zmenáreň, where you will be spoiled by the team of professionals and go home with a new hairstyle, beautifully made up and with valuable knowledge about dressing and combining fashionable pieces suitable for your figure. Our Zmenáreň is also for men, whom we can advise with choosing the right clothes for various occasions.

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