For a few months, life as we know had stopped. We were afraid that nothing would be the same as before and all restrictions would make us weaker.


Fortunately, it did not happen – thanks to our early response and tighter measures. On the contrary – people have shown a huge amount of responsibility towards each other and also that in critical moments they can pull on the same rope and selflessly help where it was most needed.


Thanks to these values, we can happily announce today that we managed the situation well above expectations and that as of May 20th we were able to reopen VIVO! Bratislava.


However, one can never be cautious enough, and that’s why we take care of your safety, which is our number one priority. We carefully disinfect the food court, common areas and sanitary facilities every day.


But a big thanks also belongs to you – our customers. We are extremely pleased that you are responsible and obey all the required safety measures, not only on our premises. By protecting yourself, you help the whole society.


Thank you for your patience. We are looking forward to your visit!