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New food concepts! 

Iná haluška, Trdlocafé, Fish and chips and Zdrawo are new food concepts in VIVO! and close to VIVO!. What do you want to try? 

At the plaza in front of the shopping mall you can find a new foodtruck concept – INÁ HALUŠKA. Do you want to eat the classic version of our national dish or you have a taste to try a new combination with pulled pork, mushrooms and much more! Looking forward to meeting you in our tasty world.

Fish and chips

Enjoy the tasty FISH and CHIPS in the new concept which can be found it foodcourt. What do you want to try?



Local and fresh groceries are the main ingredients in the whole receipts  in concept ZDRAWO.  VIsit us in the foodcourt and enjoy all the dishes. We have even the dishes for vegans and vegetarians!

Offers at New food concepts!

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