Founded in 1997, Sensiblu is part of the A&D Pharma group, the biggest pharmaceutics group in Romania.

The innovation, the concept of a friendly and cheerful pharmacy, where one can find useful recommendations and products, made Sensiblu one of the most valuable brands in Romania, besides being the widest spread.

The well prepared personnel, professional in pharmaceutic and cosmetic counseling and the friendly and direct communication with the patients make Sensiblu an incredible pleasant shopping experience. In addition, the fidelity programs and the campaign of advertising and information that the group undergoes often for social implications, define the Sensiblu quality.

Moreover, in order to simplify the acquisition process of your purchase, Sensiblu brings the wonderful opportunity to reserve your prescription for 24 hours, online or by phone, and also to estimate the price of your purchase in case you get your desired items from a Sensiblu pharmacy.

At Sensiblu we take care of your wellness!
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