Monesse Fashion House, promoted by the talented designer from Cluj Monica Salcudean, was launched on the Roumanian Market in 2011.

The Monesse boutique from Gold plaza Baia Mare was opened in July 2012, 1st floor, presenting occasion, casual and business pieces. The high quality used fabrics are precious, which increases the value of the creations, while their elegance lies in details.

Monesse as a brand was born out of love for the beautiful and out of the designer’s wish to see women dressed adequately to the different occasions in their lives, which doesn’t necessarily translate in expensive.

“I always wished that my vision about fashion has a significant impact on the women dressing habbits while attending different events in their lives. Dressing sophisticatedly is the detail that makes the difference between the daily rutine and a special occasion, and every reason to dress well is reasonable, being as well a wedding, anniversary, bal, cocktail, opening event or a evening at the theatre. Don’t forget, if you feel beautiful you are beautiful!”

We invite you to explore Monica Salcudean’s universe.
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 08:00 - 00:00
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