The best shaorma has finally arrived to Baia Mare!

Mado's history begins in Iasi, year 2000, when the first Fast-Food shop was opened, being now present in 7 major cities in the country.

How come we can strongly affirm that Mado's Shaorma is the BEST shaorma in town?

It's simple: the mixture of oriental spices, known only by us, is what makes it TASTY.

Mado dishes are cooked with taste with fresh quality ingredients, carefully selected. Spicing the fresh meat, preparing the salads and the right ingredients is the most important mission for our cooks. We are serious and proffessionals, our food is prepared according to health and higyene norms.

All of this made MADO one of the top operators on the Romanian Fast-Food market, setting high quality standards for our competitors.

And we won't stop here! In the future we desire to make our shaorma well known in as many cities as possible in our country and to continue what we have started with the same dedication and respect for our customers!

We offer you an unique taste! You just have to enjoy it!
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 08:00 - 00:00