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Ego Way sales and distributes SaileBao Technology LTD brand produce. SaileBao first initiated the eGo cigarette and is a world leader in the production of this type of cigarettes. We thus succeed to offer our customers a large range of products together with the necessary information and warranty.

The eGo electronic cigarette
Product description:

eGo is an improved model of the electronic cigarette produced by SaileBao Technology. The new electronic cigarette is the market leader due to its high capacity battery accumulator -750 mAh. The battery has a remarkable lasting power , up to 4 times more than a DSE 901 model. Another advantage is the eGo atomiser which is the biggest vapour difuser from the entire industry range.

Model: eGo
Lenght: 116 mm
Weight: 37g
Number of times you can inhale from a cartrige without reffiling : 200 – the equivalent of 13 normal cigarettes
Battery capacity: 750 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7V. One charge ensures you approximately 800 inhalations
Battery charging time: 2-2,5h. The life cicle is approximately 300 charges

The package contains:
1x Atomiser
2x Batteries
1x Charger adaptor
1x USB charger for a quick charging
1x Presentation box
5x Spare cartriges (High, Med, Low, Zero)

Available colors: black, silver.
Certificate of compliance: CE, RoHS, FCC&MSD
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