Burger Box

Burger Box was founded as a restaurant specialized in serving burgers of Gourmet Burger type, that mix the taste pleasure of traditional burger with the creativity of our own recipes for the total satisfaction of the customer.

The ingredients are of Romanian origin, natural, without additives, colorants or flavor enhancers. The meat is the main part of the burger. This one is prepared by us from meat of superior quality, at which we add just spices.

The menu contains different types of burgers with meat: cow, chicken, pork and other mixes, even cow-sheep. We did not forget also the delicious fried bacon.

Everything is prepared with care, on the spot, and the customer has the possibillity to choose different types of frying the meat: raw red, medium or well done. The sauces are prepared by us; and the vegetables are fresh, sliced on the spot.

Beside the delicious burgers, at Burger Box you can find a ranged assortment of natural and delicious smoothies, the perfect option to consume at least once a day a healthy portion of fruits or vegetables.

At the same time, this summer Burger Box brings you innovative products. Don`t miss the vegetables and chicken skewers, everything fried on the grill, the corn on the grill or Coleslaw salad!

We are waiting for you in our locations with a strong concept and design!
Opening hours
  • Mo - Su 10:00 - 22:00